Access Control Systems

BHP Provide Security Solutions for Access control systems and provide a range of technical solutions to a single problem; the need to allow free flow of authorised people whilst denying entry to unwanted guests.

The natural progression from mechanical systems is to replace the mechanical key with an electronic token. This token can take the shape of a key, a card, a fob, this is where electronic access control systems have an enormous advantage over mechanical systems where each token, fob signature is unique and can be programmed or traced throughout the system, just like the one for in your intruder system for arming and disarming.

This means if an access control token is lost not only can it be removed from the system very easily, but if the token is used again it can raise an alarm. It is also possible to use the system to create reports for attendance or even to locate someone within a large building based on where they last used their token.

For highly sensitive areas (such as hospital drug stores etc) we can configure the system to prevent access unless two authorised people are present. There are so many other possibilities that you can benefit from with our access control systems, including shift work, one-off visitor tokens, holidays and even cashless vending systems. Card tokens can double as photographic ID.

BHP Access Control Solutions have installed access control systems to various sites from 10 door systems to 500 door systems; we also maintain systems for housing associations and many blue chip companies that require Critical Infrastructure Security Systems.

From single-door to site-wide access solutions that can incorporate a comprehensive staff database to allow/ban access to designated areas by status, time of day, or day of the year. Comprehensive logging facilities can show who accessed what areas with time/date recorded.

BHP Access Control Solutions are one of few companies that are Syris - Inner Range – Paxton installers this means all our engineers are fully trained and certified to install and service the above products.

Intercom Systems

BHP Intercom Solutions systems allow communications between an entrance door and those inside the building. On pressing the 'press for access' button on the intercom panel, handset(s) can ring inside the building for example at the reception desk and a two way conversation can take place.

Once the identity of the caller is confirmed, the door can be unlocked by pressing a button on the handset allowing the visitor entry.

These systems allow entrances to remain secure without impeding entry to visitors. They can be combined with a built in video camera to provide an image at the handset(s) to aid identification of the caller.

A keypad or proximity card reader can be incorporated into the intercom panel to allow staff free entry without needing to use the intercom.

Our time-served technicians are skilled in all aspects of Access control installations and networking systems and install the most TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED and INTUITIVELY DESIGNED Access control products, electronically and computerised. BHP Security Solutions STRIVES to consistently set industry standards. Today our systems can be found in every market place from commercial and residential, hotels, restaurants, education, recreation and environmental projects.

All of our technicians are trained to the highest standards and have successfully passed security screening in accordance with BS7858 and CerticCS which are audit by both inspection bodies NSI and CerticCS, also police security vetted, so you know with confidence that the integrity of your premises, site and system will always be protected.

Get in touch with one of our sales team today and let them help you make the right Access control security choice.

These assessments are entirely free of charge and with no obligation to purchase. Once we have completed our assessment, we will supply you with a written list of our expert recommendations. Each and every Access control system we design and install fully complies with all current and pending British and European Standards.

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