Central Station Monitoring

BHP Alarms Limited has the North West only NSI Arc Gold & IS228 Approved Alarm Receiving Centre, our flexibility has enabled us to form strong business partnerships with some of the biggest names in communications. This means that we can provide you with a superior network of support across all of our alarm monitoring services.

BHP Alarm Receiving Centre is completely self-contained. All of our facilities are resistant to both physical attack and power failures, and in the extremely unlikely event of a main system failure, we are still able to provide a continuous, uninterrupted back-up service.

BHP Receiving Centre monitor all types of security systems, from CCTV Public Space Surveillance, Town Centres to fire, intruder, CCTV, personal attack systems and lone worker solutions to medical, mechanical and environmental alarms, to freezer alarms.

All of these services are monitored by our team of highly trained central station controllers. They provide the rapid response and outstanding level of customer care that our clients and our business and residential customers demand at all times.

BHP Receiving Centre alarm monitoring team is supported by the latest technological advances in systems and software. In an innovative and rapidly evolving industry like ours, it is absolutely essential that we are at the cutting edge of technological change.

To achieve this, we make considerable ongoing investment in our alarm monitoring systems and processes to ensure that we can provide the very best service to our clients. In addition, we have a dedicated in-house team of IT specialists to make sure that our systems are always running smoothly. These are complemented by IT professionals who we can call on to help us provide seamless and continuous system updating and upgrading on a 24 hour basis if need be.

BHP Receiving Centre is all about leading edge technology supported by friendly support staff, combining to provide cost-effective alarm monitoring; we deliver the service that other company’s only promise.

Services Offered:

Standard Intruder & Fire Solutions

"Digital communications"

BHP Receiving Centre can receive signals from all industry standard format digital communicators.

This is the cost-effective solution for lower risk properties, Transmitting signals down a telephone line, digital communications are an extremely cost-effective for domestic systems and small business. What’s more, because of the need for more detailed information on an activated site, even the standard digital communicator has become increasingly sophisticated.

Enhanced communicators using the Point ID or SIA format can now send more detailed information. This can include the zone or zones which have been activated and in what sequence, as well as the user number which identifies who sets or un-sets the alarm. This provides the end-user with useful security and management information.

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CSL DualCom


CSL DualCom are the UK’s leading provider of dual signalling systems, CSL invented integrated dual signalling back in 1996 and lead the way in ensuring that intruder alarm systems have the best possible chance of getting a signal from the protected premises to the alarm receiving centre.

The award-winning DualCom GradeShift® range provides dual signalling, which combines fixed line signalling with GPRS mobile technology and pioneered the move from wired to wireless technology in the electronic security industry. CSL DualCom now offer this proven track record in the delivery of critical connectivity between the monitored premises and the Alarm Receiving Centre to a host of M2M sectors.

A single hardware intruder alarm signalling solution that is priced according to the grade your customer requires. It uses both the world sim network and your telephone and/or IP path to transmit intruder, fire and personal attack signals at high speed. Once the alarm is confirmed as genuine the Police are notified. DualCom uses multiple signalling paths to ensure that DualCom will always have a back-up path in the event of an accidental or deliberate fault on any path.



During the past three decades, RISCO Group has evolved to become a proven leader in the global security solutions market; manufacturing and marketing end-to-end solutions for the professional security market, RISCO Group designs, develops, manufactures, and markets end-to-end security solutions. RISCO Group boasts four dedicated divisions - Integration, Integrated Video, Access Control, and Intrusion.

Bold Net IP Alarm Signalling


BoldNet IP is an inexpensive, reliable alternative to conventional PSTN based Digicoms. The system provides a higher level of security than digi diallers at the same time as delivering substantial savings.

In fact, it provides immediate cost savings with no ongoing charges to the ARC or the customer. Unlike PSTN Digicoms, BoldNet is not affected by unannounced changes disrupting the phone network. The customer is not required to sign up to any subscription services unless they wish to opt for a dual path option with low usage backup GPRS signalling.

BoldNet IP works with any alarm panel over a WAN or public broadband internet. The transmitters are easy to install and provide a secure, monitored connection – and you won’t be left asking, “What happened to my alarm signal!”

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BHP Receiving Centre Remote monitored CCTV systems

It is becoming increasingly important to support any security system with a human brain. The problem is that many businesses would find the expense of manned guarding prohibitive. Thanks to modern communications technology this isn't a problem. Connecting your CCTV system to a remote monitoring centre means that you can benefit from a trained CCTV operator responding to any activity.

The benefits of remote monitoring come down to efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Your site is monitored 24 hours day for a fraction of the cost of a guard's salary. Whenever the system is activated the operator at the monitoring centre connects into your CCTV system. Trained to interpret CCTV footage, the operator can quickly establish what is occurring and take the appropriate action, from summoning a police response to contacting a key-holder or other responsible person.

BHP Receiving Centre Webgate software offers a powerful portfolio of perimeter protection and enterprise IP security solutions that leads the industry in reliability and value.

BHP Remote monitored CCTV systems Webgate software technologies deliver unparalleled situational awareness from the edge of your facility to its very core, transforming your security program from reactive forensic monitoring to proactive threat detection.

BHP CCTV Solutions Remote monitored CCTV systems Webgate software offers the industry’s broadest range of perimeter protection and enterprise IP security solutions for early threat detection.

BHP CCTV Solutions Remote monitored CCTV systems Webgate software product line includes passive infrared and video motion detection, robust video and audio recording and transmission, remote monitoring software, energy-efficient video storage, flexible and scalable IP access control, integrated security alarm management, and integrated command and control software.

When set, the remotely monitored CCTV system will activate in response to a detected intrusion and send an alert signal to a Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC), where an operator will then evaluate the situation and respond accordingly.

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Bold Locator

For Lone Worker Protection and Asset Tracking

In response to the growing interest in lone worker monitoring and an expanding range of available devices in the market, Bold Communications has launched Locator - an open platform, integrated monitoring control room solution.

Designed for the alarm receiving centre and remote video receiving, Bold Locator incorporates worldwide GPS based people and asset monitoring to provide a fast and accurate location fix as soon as a call for help is generated by the user. Responses may be automated, for example, sending a SMS or email message to a co-worker, or where an attack has been verified by audio, an operator can contact the Police for immediate response.

The ACPO Unique Reference Number scheme for obtaining Police response and false alarm management is supported in the system. Alerts can be created by Geofence, by scheduled location traces and by man down alarms.

Locator is ideal for the multi-functional control room, as part of the Gemini .Net based integrated suite of monitoring software. All assets and people within an organisation can be monitored, as well as security systems such as CCTV and Fire and Intruder Alarms. Romad, TWIG and Identicom can be monitored within the Locator solution as well as smart phones. New devices are also being added.

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Answer phone UK / Ireland - out of Hours, Emergency Call Service

BHP Receiving Centre answer phone service is the effortless way to manage your business out-of-hours, allowing you to relax knowing that your business calls are being dealt with as efficiently and as professionally as they would be during office hours. Calls are answered in your company name by our central station controllers and directed according to your specific instructions on how you want the call dealt with.

Wherever possible, we will make contact with your relevant personnel. However, at the same time all calls are filtered, meaning non-urgent calls can safely wait until the next day. All emergencies will be relayed immediately to your duty personnel. As part of the service, we provide a detailed daily report by email of all calls received and actions taken, which gives you the necessary documentary proof of your response times, also for added protection all calls into and out of the central station are recorded.

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Gemini Web

Organisations and their staff increasingly rely on the web for information and for managing their activities. Gemini Web Access provides a means by which installers and individual subscribers may access relevant account information via a secure web server.

A whole range of information is available including:

According to the permission levels granted at the monitoring centre, Gemini Web access can extend to just about anything that is available in the control room with the exception of alarm dispatch.

By empowering their clients to manage their own account details and create their own reports, the monitoring centre makes significant administration cost savings at the same time as adding value to their services.

The extent of the information available to the users and their ability to make changes to the data is 100% under the control of the system administrator.

Two options are available for making account changes over Gemini Web. Where it is desirable for the monitoring centre to validate changes before they are implemented, they are placed in a folder until accepted or rejected by the administrator.

In cases where the web user is authorised to make changes without validation, direct access can be granted, but only to specific records and for agreed purposes. This could be, for example, to change keyholder details or schedule reports.

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