Switch your security system to BHP and get your first year monitoring FREE

When it comes to protecting the people and possessions that matter most to you, why compromise? Protect your home with BHP and you’re choosing the best.

Switching security providers to BHP is easy – even if you’re current security system isn’t one of ours. The latest security technology, 24/7/365 alarm monitoring and maintenance support you can always depend on BHP, we give the service others promise.

Keep current system or upgrade for just £99.

By changing you’re monitoring over to BHP you can save up to 30% on your current monitoring costs and over 50% on any call outs by using our fully approved central station.

With monitoring from just £0.44p per day it’s never been more affordable.

Including in the Switch and Save on monitoring costs we will also replace your external sounder for FREE. An old, weathered, rusty or discoloured external sounder gives burglars the impression that an alarm system is old, unreliable, un-serviced and probably not used not to mention the appearance on your property.

BHP Fully approved central station supplies all types of monitoring services from Intruder

By using BHP monitoring centre you will not be dealing with a third party service, Monitoring costs from as little as £50 per year, terms and conditions apply depending on package (Assuming that there is an existing live phone connection when using PSTN control panels).

Offer is limited to Switch and Save new clients only.

Overpaying for alarm monitoring services is all too common in today’s security market place by multinational corporations. Simply put: customers just don’t realize that they can switch their alarm system and save money even though they may not have done the initial installation, in most cases, all it takes is a little reprogramming.

Chances are you use one of these multinational corporations but just did not have the time to change and save costs, it’s fine if your monitoring invoice is not due yet BHP will honour your current renewal date so you can change over now and we also do any paper work that’s required.

Are you aware that Message Centre BT has announced the end of the analogue telephone network in the UK starting summer 2018 and finishing in 2025, and replacing it with an IP-only service. What this means is that all alarm panels reporting via the PSTN network will stop working at some point in the next few years and your current company will charge for upgrades.

New Digicom services on new analogue lines will not be obtainable from summer 2018. We would therefore advise you should change your old PSTN connection to our DualCom GradeShift range, this offers a simple piece of hardware for every grade of risk with interchangeable EN cables. Single path options G2r and Gr3 utilise all mobile networks via our World-SIM to signal an alarm and are the ideal solution where there is no telephone line available meaning no phone call charges on your intruder system this will be all included in our Switch and Save offer and keeps your system up to date and monitored. If you have a red-care monitor system you can cancel this and change over to our Dual-Com Grade-Shift range and at the same time saving hundreds of pounds by cancelling your red-care line.

Dual-Com is trusted to protect hundreds of thousands of premises throughout Europe including many major retail brands. Dual signalling is preferred by insurance companied and the Police for commercial properties as it helps to reduce false alarms and guarantees a response.

Call today and one of our security consultants will advise you on the options you can choose from on our Switch and Save on monitoring costs, we will also upgrade your external sounder supplied and fitted FREE when you change your monitoring and service over to BHP and at the same time carry out a full service.

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